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, version 1, has an intuitive interface that will help you plan your vacation to any part of Greece [ Hellenic Republic ]. You can research and document yourself to make the best decision for the perfect holiday in this wondrous land of the gods. Further work on this website is under way, so stay tuned for more quality information in the near future.

Greece has 7 decentralized administrations (3rd level of government), 13 regions (2nd level of government) that are further divided in 74 regional units and 325 municipalities (1st level of government), plus Mount Athos autonomous region.

The 7 decentralized administrations are :

Macedonia & Thrace, capital in Thessaloniki

Hellas Atlas : Macedonia & Thrace

Eastern Macedonia & Thrace

Central Macedonia

The Aegean, capital in Piraeus

North Aegean

South Aegean

Crete, capital in Heraklion


Peloponnese, Western Greece & the Ionian, capital in Patras

Ionian Islands

Western Greece


Epirus & Western Macedonia, capital in Ioannina


Western Macedonia

Thessaly & Central Greece, capital in Larissa


Central Greece

Attica, capital in Athens


Mount Athos (self-governing, excluded from the Kallikratis Plan)

Mount Athos

About Hellas Atlas

Here at HellasAtlas.com our team plans to cover each regions of Greece in great detail. The purpose of this project ( Hellas Atlas) is to preset to the interested readers – particular aspects regarding each individual region and municipality. Thus the tourist will be able to plan a vacation in a specific region, regional unit or municipality according to his/hers specific needs.

Moreover, interested local businesses owners such as : hotels, villas, restaurant, taverns, car rentals, shops, boat trips, water sports, real estate are welcome to advertise their services and products on HellasAtlas.com
They can use our contact form for further information.

The 13 regions are :

Nr. Region Seat Area km² Residents / km² GDP million € Per capita
1 Attica Athens 3,808 3,812,330 | 1001.11 110,546 28,997
2 Central Greece Lamia 15,549 546,870 / 35.17 10,537 19,007
3 Central Macedonia Central Macedonia 18,811 1,874,590 / 99.66 32,285 16,559
4 Crete Heraklion 8,336 621,340 / 74.54 11,243 18,421
5 Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Komotini 14,157 606,170 / 42.82 9,265 15,272
6 Epirus Ioannina 9,203 336,650 / 36.58 5,079 14,221
7 Ionian Islands Corfu 2,307 206,470 / 89.50 4,130 17,726
8 North Aegean Mytilene 3,836 197,810 / 51.57 3,330 16,638
9 Peloponnese Tripoli 15,490 581,980 / 37.57 9,809 16,580
10 South Aegean Ermoupoli 5,286 308,610 / 58.38 7,646 24,828
11 Thessaly Larissa 14,037 730,730 / 52.06 11,608 15,772
12 Western Greece Patras 11,350 680,190 / 59.93 10,659 14,332
13 Western Macedonia Kozani 9,451 282,120 / 29.85 5,506 18,786

We hope Hellas Atlas will be a useful tool that will also be a bridge to connect businesses from all across the spectrum with other interested parties from all around the globe, including Europe, Asia and the Americas. (b2b &b2c)

Hellas Atlas is a multipurpose website, designed and administered with love for local communities that will be developed and will make use of trade and tourism to boost the local economy. A big thank you to all those people who are involved in Hellas Atlas and made this region based website to come to fruition. Feel free to use the menu of the website to travel to your desired destination be it for vacation / holiday or a business trip. Each page will be structured in a way to facilitate finding the important information for you. The logical order of the menu and sub menus is : Region – > Regional unit -> Municipality.

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The 74 regional units are :

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